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Clouds Over the Poppy Garden as She Runs on Grass


4 Feb 2023

Cassie & Xeem talking about poppies, Shiela & Zana in their "feeling zone".

See you at the opening reception - 4th Feb, 4pm, or anytime during the exhibition to see what’s the fuss about clouds, poppies and grass. ☁️ 🌺 🏃

Exhibition runs from 4th till 19th Feb at temu house, PJ, curated by Sharmin Parameswaran.

About the artists

Shiela Samsuri is an over-thinker. For most of her waking hours, her curiosities are directed to her role as a design strategist for R+, a research arm in GDP architects. In her own time, she often wonders where time goes as she habitually puts pen to paper, each dot trying to capture the weight of a cloud with various pressures and indentations. Can its weight ever truly be conveyed? Perhaps it's her life’s mission to see this question through, as she works silently in her own studio. She is also planning to propose to Harry Edward Styles on March 17th.

Xeem Noor explores the dichotomy of personhood and lifeworlds through visual & sensorial expressions in the form of fabric art. The slowness of fabric art techniques gives her the safe time and space to process ideas, moments and experiences. Xeem is a homebody who enjoys making and creating but will occasionally venture out into the world, especially for meaningful conversations, good food and low-energy nature walks. Fair warning, she will bring her knitting and embroidery bag along. She will also bring her love for Lee Minhyuk of Monsta X.

Cassielelolea is a sensation-seeker who finds novelty in her brush strokes and body movements. She turns gestures, chatters, and experiences to monochromatic paintings and drawings as she thinks the world needs simplicity. She seeks solace by looking beyond the mundane, peeping through exclusive personal windows, before heading back to her sketchbook to mull.

Artists talk on the last day of the exhibition, with Cassie, Xeem & Shiela, moderated by Rozhana.

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