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i see "you" | 2023

A collection of 10 x 10cm paper tile artworks, painted in watercolour and charcoal, captures the intricate details and essence of woods, plants, and trees, intertwined with imaginary landscapes.

These artworks embrace imperfections, the hand-torn paper in squares and irregular shapes echoes the challenges faced by nature amidst human interventions of concrete and steel.

Each finished piece is encased between two layers of perspex and secured with threads —reminiscent of those used in traditional garment mending (縫補). Symbolically, the artwork embodies an oxymoron: the act of tearing down and mending — a reflection of the dichotomy between destruction and creation.

10 selected artworks were exhibited at the 1000 Tiny Artworks exhibition 2023 at The Back Room, KL. 


changes in time | 2023


This collection of work explores the theme of "Changes in Time" through the use of old trees as a metaphor for the passage of time and the process of aging. Like humans, trees grow and change over time, bearing witness to the passing of the seasons and the gradual transformation of the natural world around them.

In my work, I seek to capture the essence of this process, highlighting the beauty and resilience of these ancient beings while also exploring the ways in which the passage of time can bring about profound changes in our lives. Through the use of dry-brushing technique, I aim to create a visual language that reflects the complex interplay between growth and decay, continuity and change.

My work also draws attention to the ways in which aging can impact both the person experiencing it and their family or caregivers. Through my art, I aim to foster greater awareness and understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with the aging process, and to inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the natural world and the human experience.

This collection was being showcased at the group exhibition "Growth" at Galeri Puteh from 13 May - 4 June 2023.

running & mark-making | 2022 / 2023

Running & mark-making, a drawing by Cassielelolea

There is a brutality in the mark-making process; the way a brush scratches (scrubs) the surface of paper. Yet, it is like the brutality of scratching an itch - hugely satisfying and comforting. 


Running & mark-making. This series of art works are an extension from my sketchbooks which records textures I see and experience in parks where I run; a visualisation of my senses in active motion. Textures are felt-out and produced  with an ink brush using a drybrush technique.


This experience of mark making on a long scroll has similarities with endurance training; the paper is the trail, and the brushes my feet in running shoes. At times, my mind goes blank due to the repetition of movements, yet I’m still moving my hands or my feet as muscle memory takes over before passing it back to my consciousness; running & mark-making.

Selected artworks from this series were showcased at Temu House in the group exhibition - Clouds Over the Poppy Garden as She Runs on Grass.

recollection | 2022

This series consists of 7 watercolour painting on canvas that were entirely produced during the movement control period in 2022. Supported by the Cendana Visual Arts Funding Program, I explore the psychological benefits in the process of art-making, inspired by the book "Art As Therapy" by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong. 

During those unprecedented times, the greatest takeaway producing these works was the experience of art-making having the ability to mediate our psychological short comings, soothe our anxieties about imperfection, and find some delight in every disappointing situation. 

Water in the paints play a role like another person, and I response to situation that was brought to me. These paintings appear to be almost monochromatic, I decided to use only 1 colour (but it's a tube colour that has 3 pigments blended) as a representation of solitude. 

Selected pieces were exhibited at the ber{SEMANGAT} and Turun Tanah group exhibition at Galeri Puteh