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Hummer and Tangistan at ZhongShan

7 April 2021  |

As the first solo exhibit of Cassie Wong, a.k.a. Cassielelolea, Hummer is an intimate experience, just you and a room full of hummingbirds. It’s tight and focused, taking place in a modest room that doubles as the office of the putticoop design collective. A few ancillary pieces dot the walls and a long desk by the door, but central to the exhibit are nine hummingbird oil paintings that occupy the main display wall. Rather than on canvas, these pieces are painted on old wooden palettes...

Hummer, a solo exhibition by Cassielelolea
蜂鳥 調色盤上鳴唱

7 December 2020  |


五個劇場人的畫展 - 《演。畫》
When Actors Paint

28 May 2018  |


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