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Fable: A Hero's Journey Group Exhibition


8 Apr 2022

The term Hero’s Journey was popularised by Joseph Campbell, an American literature professor who studied the theory of an archetypal hero who goes on a journey to overcome one’s obstacles. This theory or concept is not just found in stories, mythologies and fairytales, but in us as individuals too:- we too go on our “life adventures” of overcoming our own obstacles and emerge as an evolved person. 

The curatorial team paired this concept with the term Fable, because in our lives, be it an adventure, journey or an obstacle, there is a moral that comes with it and teaches us valuable life lessons. 

Through this exhibition, participating artists will be sharing their Hero's Journey through works of art told in a colourful and mystical, fantasy world. 

What would the depictions be like? And what sort of metaphorical meaning would they carry? We welcome all viewers and art enthusiasts to experience these Heroes' Journey visually through this art exhibition. 

Participating artists:

Alula Lémon 


Doreen Ng 

Dymphna Lanjuran 

Eugene Nandakumar 

Irina Grigorenko 

Jean Lynn 

Nazreen Nizam

Shia Lynn Victor 

Thineswari G

Commencing from 8th April onwards, this exhibition will be opened for public viewing and visits at Inner Joy Art Gallery, Petaling Jaya. Please make an appointment before your visit by dropping a message to 011 377 33 931 or

Entrance is free. Virtual viewing and option to purchase the artworks through the gallery website, will also be available from 8th April onwards. 

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