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The Passage Of Time

Couple of years ago I started exploring digital painting. The main objective was to make things simpler especially when dealing with paid projects, it makes editing easier and quicker. Got myself an iPad Pro, purchased Procreate, and there comes the play! There are so much in the app to explore, so much fun.

The only thing that I cannot deal with is the actual touch of a brush on a real surface, the soft pressure that you apply, load your brush with different amount of paint to obtain certain kind of strokes that you desire, that cannot be found in digital painting. So, as a painter, I still lean back to traditional painting.

Frame by frame work. The whole piece were split into 5 different animations when I work in Procreate. They were then stitched together to form the complete work.

Opportunity comes when Carmen Yap, the principle of Clavier Academy of Ballet contacted me. My first animated video work made its debut in December 2022 at the Danze Fantasy Triple Bill for the 6 minutes dance performance of The Passage Of Time, produced by Clavier Academy of Ballet.

It took me a while to figure out some technical stuff, but everything has fallen into places eventually. The strokes and marks in this piece of work are the shadows of what I've collected in my 2022 sketchbook, which was what attracted Carmen at first for her dance piece - part of it was shown at the Clouds Over the Poppy Garden as She Runs on Grass exhibition in February 2023.

Dancers during rehearsal at Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre (PJPAC).

It's an honour to be part of such beautiful piece of art.

The paths we walk will never be nice and smooth. Be resilient. Set your intentions, the universe conspired in helping you to achieve it.

Scroll down for more photos, and a highlight video of the performance. Enjoy!

The first scene of The Passage of Time.


Presented by the students of Clavier Academy of Ballet

Choreographed by Chean Jiunn Yee, Mandy Chua Xie Yenn

Music by Bonnie Grace

Visual art by Cassielelolea


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